Company Certifications

Specialists in air filtration

The air filtration's field does not have secrets for TECNOCOMP, which produces filter elements since 1980.

Structure that serve the customer

The production structure's great flexibility has also made possibile to respond promptly and effectively to the personalization requirements of each individual customer.

Quality and reliability

The quality of the row materials used, of the assembly technologies and the control procedures, allow the full interchangeability of Tecnocomp's filter elements.

Research and development

Tecnocomp's technical staff keeps looking for filter media which can fulfill in an ever better way the different filter needs of air filtration in industrial installations.

Tecnocomp s.r.l. is born in 1980 and since then is specialized in the production of filter elements for suction installations and in general for air filtration for any industrial application. The professionality and the experience of Tecnocomp, who is supported by her own RD department, allow to obtain high quality standards in the production of components for air filtration, such as filter elements for gas turbines and for dust collection installations, filters for air conditioning and for the collection of oil mists and fumes. Tecnocomp s.r.l. satisfies the needs of her customers, also with the design and the manufacturing of customized machines for the production of air, oil, fuel, and cabin filters.

Tecnocomp s.r.l. manufactures cylindrical, conical filter cartridges, compact filters, bag filters and panel filters in Mantova.

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